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        In recent years, the development of PP pipe

        Release time:2017-07-01

        One , PP pipe Analysis of price comparison

        PP Material center in 2014 after the first down, a big fall in 2014 June, June is the normal price down, due to crude oil fell sharply, accelerated PP material decline, PPR decline of about 3000 yuan / ton. This experience a deep down after the Spring Festival in 2015 after the normal price callback. In 2015 May, the stock market crash and other macro effects, the overall downward price of plastic pipe, PP inevitably fell, PPB which fell to the lowest point in nearly 5 years. In 2016 February, PP pipe prices follow the trend of the basic flow, not out of the unique market.

        Two The analysis of PP pipe supply comparison

        PP Pipe imports and domestic supply pattern is very clear, import PPR pipe to South Korea (Korea oil RP2400, R200P, Hyosung Basel H5416K), the average monthly supply of 15000 tons, domestic 4220/4400 PA14D, Daqing, Yanshan to Yangtze R503, but in the last two years, Dushanzi Haitian PA14D T4401/T4400 growth momentum, the average monthly supply about 30000 tons; import PPB pipe in Taiwan (Taiwan B8001, Formosa 3003, Li Changrong 7011), the average monthly supply of 8000 tons, domestic PPB pipe in B8101, Daqing, Yanshan 4228 Huajin B240, Ningbo Taiwan 3003 plastic, the average monthly supply of 12000 tons. The origin of PPR/PPB occupy the corresponding market share, including a second tier brand occupy the PPR hot water amount of more than 60%, three or four line brand occupy the PPR 20%+PPB 70% cold water hot water feeding amount, the remaining small brands are PPR, PPB, low melting back and forth between total C.

        In the relevant national policy driven, in recent years the development of domestic plastic pipe industry showed strong growth trend, become the main force in the domestic plastic processing industry. According to the China Plastics Processing Industry Association statistics, at present China plastic pipe market annual growth rate of 15%, ranking first in the world, huge market capacity and broad market prospects, and promote the rapid development of plastic pipe industry. By 2020, more than 16 million tons of plastic pipe production, wading products are still the main application field of plastic pipe will be more than 55% market share in all kinds of materials in the pipe. "13th Five-Year" period, the industry should be based on the development of PVC, PE, PP and other traditional materials pipeline products, increase R & D modification, composite plastic pipe and other new materials and products, pay attention to the basic research work, improve the pipeline production and application technology, the development of high performance, high value-added product pipeline, to expand new areas of application. The next five years, the construction industry development will be strong in 2019, Chinese demand for plastic pipe will continue to rise at an annual growth rate of 9%. With the rapid development of China's economy, PP-R pipe consumption also increased significantly, the market share increased rapidly. China's Ministry of construction has been PP-R Tube as the focus on the promotion of three new varieties of plastic pipe first, so in recent years the rapid development momentum. Because the PP pipe corrosion resistance and lower cost, longer than other types of pipe has a good life, can be expected in the near future, the demand for PP pipe market will maintain a sustained growth.

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