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        More and more PE pipes are in demand

        Release time:2017-07-10

        The widespread use of PE pipes is not only manifested in municipal, municipal and residential projects, but also in rural areas. With the city planning, planning the construction of the group of different users in the country is mostly a one, buy a small amount of standard diversification. I owned 80% of the agricultural population, the mall is not easy to be neglected, which should develop a variety of specifications, various types and suitable for rural use of various types of PE plastic pipe, so as to meet the needs of the rural market demand, makes the further development of PE pipe.

        In order to green environmental protection as the theme of the times, the plastic pipe work forward in the effort in this direction, and as the plastics processing industry the fastest and highest priority on plastic industry production industry, the level of overall work with relatively high technology, fast pipe popularization of new materials and new technologies, improved feature, PE pipe technology innovation ability of new demand strong product.

        In recent years, with the development of China's science and technology and technological progress, China's plastic pipeline development is very fast, and the quality is constantly improving. The advantages of PE pipe in the construction industry occupies a major position, PE pipe is a wide range of applications. The unique advantages of PE pipe determine the main development leader in the plastic pipe industry of our country. The development of plastic pipe in our country is relatively fast, and the quality is relatively high.

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