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        How to distinguish the quality of PE pipes? What are the main characteristics of PE pipes?

        Release time:2017-06-16

        First of all, we use the naked eye to PE pipe surface finish, as well as whiteness.

        First, take samples fall, easy to break normal high calcium products, and to meet your requirements at the appropriate is possible.

        Second, take samples on the pipe with my side, with whether to split, the elongation at break or split after.

        Third, Hou Hou quite hemp complex. The most straightforward method is to get high temperature and light in place for a few days, the surface change rate of PE, how to identify the quality of PE pipe but too extravagant.

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        The main characteristics of PE pipe is: molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, additive and density of the four basic variables of proper combination of different catalysts can produce properties of polymer, can produce PE pipe for different purposes, the performance can reach the balance effect.

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