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        PE Coil pipe

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        product details
        PE coil high pressure low density polyethylene pipe with black semi hard plastic tube
        Product introduction: PE coil high pressure low density polyethylene pipe, with low density polyethylene (LDPELLDPE) for the production of raw materials. Has good flexibility performance in a wide temperature range, good health performance, for nominal pressure 0.4Mpa below 40 DEG C water. Pipe coil. The implementation of national standards: QB1930-2006 pipe
        Product features:
        (1) good health performance: not adding the heavy metal stabilizer of PE pipe processing, material non-toxic, no dirt, no bacterium, is a good solution to the pollution of the city drinking water two times.
        (2) excellent corrosion resistance: except for a few strong oxidant, can withstand a variety of chemical erosion medium; no electrochemical corrosion.
        (3) long service life: at rated temperature and pressure conditions, PE pipe can be used for over 50 years.
        (4) good resistance: PE pipe has good toughness, impact resistance, high strength, heavy direct pressure through the pipe will not cause pipeline burst.
        (5) reliable connectivity: PE pipe or fused interface strength is higher than that of the pipe body, the seam is not due to soil movement or live load disconnect.
        (6) good construction performance: light pipe, welding process is simple, convenient construction, low cost of project. The scope of application:
        This color is divided into black, white, can also be customized according to your needs.
        This product specification: 16 20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110
        This product category is complete
        When the municipal water supply network, public facilities, wire and cable insulation pipe.
        After the building water supply system and etc..

        Low density polyethylene LDPE LLDPE coil pipe GB size for water supply.
        Known as nominal outside diameter
        Nominal pressure /MPa
        PN0.25 PN0.4 PN0.6
        Nominal Wall Thickness Nominal Wall Thickness Nominal Wall Thickness
        Sixteen Zero point eight One point two One point eight
        4 points Twenty One One point five Two point two
        6 points Twenty-five One point two One point nine Two point seven
        1 inch Thirty-two One point six Two point four Three point five
        1.2 inch Forty One point nine Three Four point three
        1.5 inch /1 inch and a half Fifty Two point four Three point seven Five point four
        2 inch Sixty-three Three Four point seven Six point eight
        2.5 inch /2 inch and a half Seventy-five Three point six Five point six Eight point one
        3 inch Ninety Four point three Six point seven Nine point seven
        4 inch One hundred and ten Five point three Eight point one Eleven point eight

        Low density polyethylene pipes for non-standard specifications
        Known as 4 points 6 points 8 points 1 inch 1.2 inch 1.5 inch 2 inch 2.5 inch 3 inch 4 inch
        nominal outside diameter Twenty-one Twenty-three point five Twenty-eight point seven Thirty-three Thirty-eight Forty Fifty Sixty-three Seventy-five Ninety One hundred and ten
        0.2MPa wall thickness Zero point nine one One point one one One point two seven One point four seven One point five five One point nine four Two point four four Two point nine Three point four eight Four point two six
        0.25MPa wall thickness One point one three One point three seven One point five eight One point eight two One point nine one Two point three nine Three point zero two Three point six Four point three two Five point two eight
        0.3MPa wall thickness One point three four One point six four One point eight eight Two point one seven Two point two eight Two point eight five Three point five nine Four point two seven Five point one three Six point two seven
        0.35Mpa wall thickness One point five four One point eight nine Two point one eight Two point five Two point six three Three point three Four point one five Four point nine four Five point nine three Seven point zero seven
        0.4MPa wall thickness One point seven six Two point one four Two point four six Two point eight four Two point nine nine Three point seven three Four point seven Five point six Six point seven two Nine point two one
        0.45MPa wall thickness One point nine five Two point three nine Two point seven four Three point one six Three point three three Four point one six Five point two four Six point seven four Seven point four nine Nine point one five
        0.5MPa wall thickness Two point one five Two point six two Three point zero two Three point four seven Three point six six Four point five eight Five point seven seven Six point eight seven Eight point two seven Ten
        0.6MPa wall thickness  
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