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        PE Hose with soft belt

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        product details
        PE low pressure water hose water irrigation water that is in charge of PE soft belt PE hose full of low pressure pipe irrigation with polyethylene (PE) with soft hose with polyethylene resin as the main raw material, and adding the necessary auxiliary processing, used for conveying water temperature does not exceed 45 degrees, the working pressure shall not exceed 0.25MPa, the growth period of crops for a the cycle of farmland irrigation, drip irrigation, micro irrigation with low pressure water hose.
        Product specifications: 40mm63mm75mm90mm110mm
        PE soft belt low-voltage PE soft belt irrigation water charge characteristics:
        1, good wear resistance, non-toxic, anti UV resistance, good flexibility.
        2, adding anti-aging agent, long service life, corrosion resistance.
        3, can replace maoqu reduced the water loss, and strictly control the use of irrigation water regulation;
        4, the field water and field irrigation control system is set as a whole;
        5, low energy consumption, low investment, low cost, high standards of water-saving irrigation and high efficiency;
        6, pipeline water and water-saving technology combination
        PE water hose specifications
        Drip irrigation head
        Folding width Known as nominal outside diameter wall thickness M / set Diameter * height Volume m 3;
        Fifty 1 inch Thirty-two One One hundred 800*50 Zero point zero four
        Sixty 1.2 inch Forty One One hundred 800*65 Zero point zero five two
        Eighty 1.5 inch Fifty One point one One hundred 850*80 Zero point zero six eight
        One hundred 2 inch Sixty-three One point two One hundred 100*100 Zero point zero nine
        One hundred and twenty 2.5 inch Seventy-five One point two Seventy 650*120 Zero point zero seven eight
        One hundred and forty 3 inch Ninety One point six Seventy 700*150 Zero point one zero five

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