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        Four Way Cross

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        product details

        PVC four different diameter pipe four through reducing four specifications 50*20

        PVC water supply pipe fitting characteristics of adhesive bonded joints:

        1, light weight, convenient handling: PVC material is soft and light, handling, loading and unloading, convenient construction, can save labor.
        2, excellent chemical resistance: PVC pipe with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, small fluid resistance: 3 PVC water supply pipe wall smooth, fluid resistance is small, the roughness coefficient is only 0.009.
        4, high mechanical strength, water resistance and strength of PVC water supply pipe, external pressure resistance strength and impact strength are very good, suitable for various conditions
        5, does not affect the water quality: PVC pipe by dissolution test that does not affect the water quality, the optimal tap water piping fittings.
        6, the construction is simple: PVC pipe joint construction quickly and easily, so the construction project
        7.pvc water supply pipe connections for adhesive connection, threaded connection
        Socket connection fittings
        Hard PVC pipe fittings PVC-U national standard GB
        Ten thousand and two point two
        PVC water supply pipe
        PVC PVC PVC-U water supply pipe fittings for water supply pipe
        Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipe fittings for PVC-U classification PVC-U flexible interface (socket) and PVC-U adhesive type pipe
        PVC-U, a flexible interface (socket)
        1. double bearing (flexible interface) elbow (flexible interface) (90 degrees (90 degrees), 45 degrees (45 degrees), 22.5 degrees (22.5 degrees))
        2. socket flange (a pipe, tube tray),
        3. socket flange,
        4. three three (three positive bearing
        ISO three)
        5. a flat plug three (ISO three is three pass through),
        6. two three, bearing a plug pipe tee (positive three ISO three)
        7. two for a flat three (three pass through
        ISO three),
        8. double bearing directly (Guan Gu),
        9. double socket head (reducers
        Direct reducing),
        10. a plug is inserted 90 degree elbow
        11. wire hole blind plate
        12. blind plate
        PVC-U flexible interface type repair section (a loop type (with half bolts)
        Ordinary type (expansion))
        PVC-U adhesive type valve type:

        1, flat ball (ball valve, ball valve socket straight port 2), bilateral oil valve,
        3, 4, PVC-U, silk ball valve (butterfly valve butterfly valve butterfly valve gear / handle),
        Two, PVC-U type pipe with adhesive:
        1.PVC-U reducer (reducer, reducer, reducer, reducer, reducer, direct socket)
        2. bands (direct)
        3. three (positive three, reducing three, reducing three),
        4. internal thread joint
        5. external thread joint
        6. double external thread joint
        7. saddle by interface
        8.. (oil),
        9. flange (looper flange, flange, one Pinchen),
        10. angle (90 degrees (90 degrees, ninety degrees), 45 degrees (45 degrees, forty-five degrees), 22.5 degrees (22.5 degrees, twenty-two degrees)),
        12. core (reducer, reducer direct),
        13. plug (Guan Du, cap, block),
        14. bracket
        PVC-U copper wire bonding type pipe:
        The copper wire 90 degree elbow
        Copper wire copper wire joint pipe plug three through copper wire

        It is the two flat water supply pipe connected to the mouth of PVC viscose tube end, adhesive glue makes the bearing socket between closely, socket connection is not removable and interface strength, good tightness socket connection as gymnastics:

        (1) scrub. In the socket wall, tube wall brushing with alcohol or acetone, impurities, Jing - scrub net interface.

        (2) glue. The socket wall, the inner wall of a pipe fitting, PVC water supply special glue were varnished with a thin and uniform.

        (3). The socket is inserted into the socket of sufficient depth between the socket should be closely integrated.

        (4) static discharge. The pipe connected, need quiet place 24 hours before the water, in order to ensure the connection seal is not Water Leakage, please wait patiently.

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