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        Threaded Valve

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        PVC valve PVC valve PVC-U valve UPVC valve threaded plastic pipe switch fittings

        256 specifications 204 321 inch 401.2 inch 501.5 inch 632 inch 903 inch 1104 inch

        PVC is a plastic ball valve PVC material, mainly used for cut off or connected to the line of medium, can also be used for the regulation and control of PVC ball valve fluid used to disconnect or connect the line of medium, can also be used for fluid regulation and control, it is compared with other valves, which has the following advantages. 1, the fluid resistance is small, the valve is fluid resistance all valves in a minimal, even reduced diameter valve, the fluid resistance is quite small. UPVC ball valve is a new material of ball valve products according to various corrosive fluid in pipeline needs and development. Product advantages: body weight, strong corrosion resistance, compact structure and beautiful appearance, body weight is easy to install, strong corrosion resistance, wide range of application materials, non-toxic, wear-resistant, easy disassembly, easy maintenance.PVC pipeline switch clockwise to close the handle, contrary to open.

        technical parameter

        Applicable fluid: water, air, oil, corrosive chemical liquid
        For example: water and raw water piping systems, drainage and sewage piping system, salt water and sea water piping system,
        A number of industries pH and chemical solution system.
        Body material: PVC
        Sealing material: EPDM/PTFE

        Nominal pressure: 1.0Mpa

        Fluid temperature: -15 degrees C - 60 (without freezing)

        Ambient temperature: -25 degrees C 55
        Installation: installed at any angle (to extend the life of the best horizontal or inclined installation)
        Connection: thread, adhesive,
        Connection diameter: 1/2 "4"
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