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        PP reducer

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        product details
        Reducer reducer butt specifications PP reducers: 90*75 110*90 125*110 160*125
        Product material: PP
        Delivery: payment to pay
        Product specifications: 20-200mm
        Delivery time: within a week
        Product packaging: carton
        Freight: goods transportation
        PP pipe polypropylene PP pipe fitting:
        1. health high environmental performance: non-toxic, no corrosion, no fouling, no bacterium, fast flow rate.
        2. light weight, high strength, good toughness, impact resistance.
        3. products inside and outside the wall smooth, small water resistance, low noise.
        4. a plastic injection molding, beautiful appearance, exquisite craft.
        5. long life: the rated pressure of 0.4-1.0Mpa, temperature of 0-95 degrees Celsius for 50 years.
        6. Recyclable: in the production, construction and use of the environment without any pollution, is green environmental protection products.
        7. simple and rapid construction: flexible PP pipe makes the construction become very fast, and easy connection (connection, welding fast connected by socket method), security
        The use of PP pipe for water supply: polypropylene PP pipe connection
        Polypropylene PP pipe fittings for water supply PP classification is divided into PP pipe, PP pipe, PP pipe welding fast connector
        PP, a supporting pipe plug
        1. direct head (beam): when the PP pipe is not long enough, the two pipelines are connected.
        2. (plastic elbow elbow): right angle bending and 45 bending, when the PP pipeline to be used when the corner.
        3. three (three positive plastic three different three): PP pipe connection in three directions.
        4. head (reducer reducer reducer direct plastic connectors): two pipes of different diameter.
        5. neck flange
        6. with root diameter flange
        7. discharge three
        8. plastic monofilament
        9. vertical water lever elbow (1/2, 3/4)
        10. buckle three
        PP water: water separator separator section monofilament separator separator in double wire plug
        Fast connector two, PP pipeline
        1. three (three different diameter three diameter three)
        2. direct (direct)
        3. flared
        4. angle (90 degrees 90 degrees)
        5. wire, wire (through three pass): connect the faucet, water and other types of water use.
        6. undertake wire three
        7. screw three
        8. wire socket
        9. wire, wire bending.
        10. wrench: hand tools using the lever principle twist PP quick connector. Wrench usually clip shank shank to exert external force applied at one or both ends shank system
        Force, can I turn the bolt openings or sets of holes. When using the handle force along the thread in the direction of rotation, can I turn bolts.
        As of 11. valve / valve: open and close with water
        12.: three flange pipe connection flange or flange nut connected in root.
        13. plug (plug bulkhead) pipe installed to temporarily closed outlet, leading from.
        PP welding fittings
        1. flange (one flange root)
        2. reducers
        3. three (three pass welding ISO three)
        4.90 welding elbow
        The connection method of PP pipe fittings:
        1, support hot plug to connect method
        (1) a PP tube is placed vertically above 170 DEG C glycerin (vegetable oil, paraffin wax can be heated to a soft, rapid) and a PP tube is inserted, so cold
        It can be.
        (2): the heating medium heating medium with glycerol as the best. Paraffin, edible oil can substitute glycerin as heating medium. Sealing effect is ideal.
        (3) the heating time: because the oil bath temperature and the wall thickness of the pipe, supporting plug heating time PP according to the wall thickness of the pipe to make a concrete analysis. The end of the general heating tube
        Divided the translucent state is the best time to support plug.
        (4) supporting the inserted length: general length is 2 times the diameter of the pipe, the supporting plug length and the heating length is the key problem to ensure that the connection length. General pipe
        The heating length should be slightly longer than the length of inserted support.
        2, hot melt connection method (when using pressure more than 0.8MPa kg when using welding method with PP pipe, the use of pressure can be increased more than 1.5 times).
        (1) to be welded pipe (PP pipe) clamp, fixed on the machine, fixture, two ends of the spacing distance between two end pipes should not only meet the requirements of milling cutter,
        To meet the welding fixture to be closed two end can fully contact with the hydraulic cylinder must have sufficient welding stroke. Then the end of the pipe cutting.
        (2) check whether the appropriate heating plate temperature (200-230 DEG), should ensure the heating plate clean every time when welding, welding should first make the heating plate temperature 10
        The clock after the start of welding
        (3) to reach a certain welding in welding pressure before starting welding
        (4) PP pipe (pipe) between the convex uniform heating time, heating time arrival, quickly open the clamp, remove the heating plate.
        (5) rapid closing fixture, start the cooling time. To achieve the cooling time, remove the fixture, PP pipe welding good (fittings) Note: heating time = wall thickness
        (mm) * (8-10) cooldown time = wall thickness (mm) * (60) (6 seconds) to connect PP pipes and fittings, should be kept clean without dirt connection.
        (7) PP (pipe fittings) force is not allowed in the welding process and cooling process.
        Note: according to the engineering pressure, select a different connection method, different types of pipes with different heating medium, to prevent cracking of pipes produced in the heating process, reduce the service life of the pipe strength and shrinkage
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