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        Granule gum

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        product details

        The rubber plastic transparent hot melt adhesive bonding reinforcement for PP pipe fittings
        Packing: 25kg/ bag price 40 yuan / kg
        Hot glue:

        One component is solid glue, suitable for gluing machine, can be used for manual coating, bonding speed, 10-20 seconds, up to the moment of maximum intensity. The layer of flexible, easy to cut, the shelf life of more than one year. The adhesive is non flammable, non-toxic, tasteless, no explosion, can be used repeatedly.

        Method of use: take the required amount of glue into the melt tank (stainless steel, enamel, glass beakers and other heat-resistant containers). Indirect heating at 140 DEG -160 DEG, to be melted after thinning, with glue coated on one side scraper, and immediately on the other side. Later alignment can be positioned closed extrusion can reach the highest strength. Many times heating for repeated use.

        Storage conditions: stored in a cool room, dry place, avoid sun exposure, the shelf life of more than one year.

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