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        PP Faucet elbow

        Release time:2017-06-21  Browse times:139 times

        product details
        PP wire bending elbow 20 x 15 individual
        25 x 15 individual

        External PP pipe fittings (Union / fast connection) water-saving irrigation pipe
        The 1. is three
        2. different diameter three
        3. of the same diameter straight flared joint
        4. wire bending elbow through the wire bent through
        5. plug
        6. internal thread joint
        7. external thread joint
        Specifications: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110
        Performance characteristics:
        1. one-time injection molding, beautiful structure, sophisticated production technology
        2. corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, long service life
        3. convenient connection, shorten the construction period, fast connection
        The scope of application:
        Applicable to the same specifications of pipe fittings
        Fast connecting pipe installation method
        1, the pipe end cutting flat, there is no plastic foam and other sundries;
        2, pipe components are installed in the pipe, the installation sequence reference to the icon as follows: stainless steel clasp nut pressing ring seal
        3, note: (1) the front end of the seal ring leakage pipe length between 5-10mm, can only be based on pipe diameter in the specified range, (2) a pressing ring is inclined to the steel card, such as the installation of the wrong direction, easy to cause the pipe can not bear high pressure, (3) when installed, must remember to use the hand gripped steel card, the seal piece and a pressing ring position kept sliding, will be installed in the pipe pipe and pipe fittings into otherwise easy to cause the length is too long, but the impact of the use performance:
        4, the installation is complete, use the special wrench to tighten.
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