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        PE Welding machine

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        product details
        Function and characteristics:
        1. by the fixture, heating plate, cutter is composed of three parts.
        The 2. part fixture structure of a dual card set, easyadjustment wrong.
        3. using screw drive structure, smooth transmission, easy to operate.
        4. pressure display and pressure maintaining function, can directly display the docking pressure.
        5. using electronic temperature control, high precision of temperature measurement.

        Basic technical parameters:
        Welding specifications: Dn63, Dn75, Dn90, Dn110, Dn125, Dn140, Dn160,
        Docking deviation: less than 0.2mm
        Temperature range: 0 to 300 DEG C
        Temperature error: 3 degrees
        Heating power: 1KW/220V
        Mill power: 0.7KW/220V
        The welding machine Single loop 63-160
        Double loop 63-160
        Single loop 63-200
        Double loop 63-200
        Hebei Hongyuan Pipe Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
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