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        Cast iron outlet

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        product details
        Cast iron water hydrant 1.5" individual
        Two individual
        2.5" individual
        3" individual
        4" individual

        Cast iron water hydrant outlet plug,
        Specifications: Iron hydrant hydrant outlet part widely used 2 inch 3 Inch 4 inch 5 inch 6 inch of the company can be soft with connection for water-saving irrigation equipment and irrigation water outlet at the bottom of thread connection hydrant material ductile iron casting iron products using this part of the water outlet slot, can be connected with hose clamps with soft water belt. As the water is conveniently connected with the spraying drip irrigation equipment.
        Because the bottom is used in the welding of cast iron can not be connected with the external screw thread, wrought iron outlet. At the top of the movable screw, can improve the falling block plate, close the outlet when not in use, to avoid living in, cause blockage, bring economic losses of farmers. 1. easy to install 2. pressure
        Rural water pipe irrigation irrigation and other products of the material is divided into wrought iron welding manufacturing ABS plastic PP/PE plastic aluminum sectional body styles are divided into three general wrought iron elbow flange disc type anti-theft cover type anti-theft valve type size 2 inch -6 inch PP/PE plastic formula style three elbow type split million to 110mm 125mm
        ABS plastic 90mm 110mm
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