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        PE Tee outlet lower body

        Release time:2017-06-21  Browse times:139 times

        product details
        PE type water outlet elbow body supporting the use of 110 125 160 specifications
        Performance characteristics:
        1, easy installation, can be connected with the PE pipe hot melt, also can be connected with other pipe products with strong practicability:
        2, long service life, plastic oxidation resistant to acid and alkali, the body does not damage can be used for a long time:
        3, rotary valve pipeline protection, effectively eliminate the beast into the pipeline cause blockage affect the normal use:
        4, strong impact resistance, the outlet according to the design requirements and ensure the pressure against the performance of the actual use requirements.
        5. structure of cost savings, 5 supporting a lower body upper body
        The scope of application:
        Agricultural irrigation, gardening and greening projects

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