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        Four Branches Straight Arrow Dripper

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        product details

        Drop arrow type emitter is installed on for 12 ~ 20mm (capillary), PE pipe commonly used specifications 1.5L/h, 2.0L/h flow, the working pressure is 0.08 ~ 0.3Mpa, which is characterized by drop arrow type dripper spacing can be installed according to the adjusted position of crop spacing cultivation, drip head can be installed in the factory. It can be installed at the construction site; do drop use of low pressure
        Well, can be used alone or used in connection with multi outlet manifold, can be used for pressure compensation type head type constant dripping arrow and tube, a straight arrow, curved arrow, arrow, the arrow is optional; especially suitable for plants or flowers from substrate bags often change uneven spacing adjustment and use under the condition of;

        Drop arrow parameters:

        Working pressure: 0.8-1.5bar, single arrow flow is 2.0L/H

        The single drop arrow flow, flow to drip arrow finished package number gross flow. If the use of collocation drip drip flow kit limiting flow.

        Drop arrow common accessories:

        With 3-5 mixed hook a drop arrow connector. Can be connected on the PE pipe line.

        A two distributor connected at the same time 2 drops of arrows, can customize the connection for a combination of four, a drop of six arrows.

        A four distributor connected at the same time 4 drop arrow, up to a permutation shidishui arrow.

        The precise control of drip water, commonly used flow 4L/H, 8L/H, 12L/H

        3PE diameter pipe is connected with the water pipe drop arrow. Drop arrow suite length can be customized according to customer requirements.

        Punch PE pipe on the water inlet pipe drilling, will drop arrows in the suite hook socket alignment hole plug connector.

        The performance characteristics of the arrow drop:

        The labyrinth drip arrow length passage shaft structure, diaphragm type flow drop head, double protection, to ensure uniform.

        The guide disc drops arrow unique, infiltration irrigation.

        Single arrow, double arrow, arrow and four random group, convenient construction.

        Drop arrow is the flower, potted plants and nursery crops such as the most appropriate irrigation emitters.

        Connection drops arrow:

        The arrow is connected to the 3 drop of capillary, the other end connected with the bypass (or five), the branch with the punch punch, will bypass (or five pass) socket to branch.

        The working pressure drop arrow:

        0.08-0.15MPa, a single arrow flow is 1.0L/H.

        The arrow drop an investment, years of application, installation is simple and flexible, very convenient, greatly promoted in the floriculture industry.
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