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        Pressure tank

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        product details
        The pressure tank for the closed water circulation system, the balance of water and pressure, safety valve to avoid frequent opening and automatic water valve frequent replenishment. The tank to hold water expands the role, but also play a role in the water supply tank, the tank is filled with nitrogen expansion, can obtain larger volume to accommodate the expansion of water, high and low pressure tank can be used in parallel to itself pressure stabilizing system replenishment. The automatic operation of this device is the control interlock reaction, the pressure fluctuation range is small, safe and reliable, energy saving, economic effects.
        • Applicable scope

          Rural production and living, office of water

        • Product features

          A small investment and land occupation

        Product advantages

        No need to build the tower, a small investment and land occupation, the gas automatic adjustment, automatic operation, energy saving and automatic tap water grid, power still water, do not need to watch a few years after debugging. The construction of towers than save investment 70%, high water saving investment than alive 60%, greatly save construction investment.

        FoldApplicable scope

        Widely used in residential area and rural enterprises, the production and living water, office. Water supply households in 20-2000 households. The daily water supply capacity of water supply in the 20-50000m3, the height of 150 meters, the 50 storey building.


        The pressure tank is the use of the air in the tank compressibility and to regulate water storage and to maintain the required pressure, so called pressure water supply equipment, which is equivalent to the water tower and pool. It is because of the pressure of the water supply tank by compressed air to maintain, therefore, the height of the tank can be installed without restriction. Coupled with the equipment of small investment, fast construction speed, easy removal, high flexibility, high degree of automation, it is suitable for adequate water, the normal power supply of small and medium-sized village water supply. But the regulation of water is small, fast attenuation of pressure, frequent start pump, high operation cost, not suitable for large water consumption and pressure stable user.

        The pressure tank is installed between the pump and the general distribution network. Start the pump, to the water supply pipe network, the excess water storage tank to tank, and the water level rises, the air in the tank is compressed, the pressure was increased. When the tank pressure reaches the upper limit pressure set value, and the top of the tank by the pipeline connecting the electric contact pressure gauge on the index upper limit contact signal, power off, stop the pump. Users continue to water tank of compressed air to water tank into the pipe network, the water level drops, the air pressure inside the tank also decreased. When required to limit pressure value, the electric contact pressure gauge is connected to the index limit contacts, relay, motor and pump power on and restart work. Under normal circumstances, the pump can work in the case of no one in control, and according to the change of water use, adjust the pump start and stop times and work time, to ensure continuous water supply pipe network.

        There is Qi type and diaphragm type two types of pressure tank. Direct contact with air and water pressure air tank, after a period of time, due to air leakage and dissolved in water is reduced, so that the regulation of water gradually decreased. The pump start gradually brought prosperity, therefore need regular air. Qi Qi, method of air compressor water jet air and regular emptying air etc.. Separate diaphragm type pressure tank of gas and water, the water in the rubber (plastics) internal capsule, interstitial pre filled with inert gases between the external tank and the general nitrogen.The pressure tank without loss of gas dissolved with water, once inflated, use for a long time, do not have to set the air compressor. Therefore, saving investment, simplify the system, expand the scope of use.

        The main role

        In general by the active barrier valve high water pressure tank complete equipment (optional), water tank (or pressure tank), water pump, pressure tank, frequency conversion control cabinet (including control appearance). The local clarify as follows:

        A, active barrier valve or save equipment (optional): used for municipal water barrier, can be arbitrarily set measure pressure, when the municipal water pressure is lower than the value, the barrier device moves, switch to the water tank or confined water pool. Can also use the saving equipments instead of sale on barrier valve, constrained maximum water flow, water supply water tank by the lack of local compensation.

        B, water tank: no tower water supply equipment running water tank full volume is full of water, because there is no compressed air energy storage buffer, and the effects of various impact on municipal water dynamic compensation effect is not as good as the buffer tank. But when the municipal water pressure is too low, the water tank water (water) is greater than the amount of water in the tank, the water storage volume can be used to cover all the lack of municipal water.

        Water tank water supply for the moment, the air is restrained by vacuum to enter the tank, can prevent the formation of negative pressure suction effect on the level of network (i.e. without negative pressure suction).

        The water tank is connected in series with the water inlet pipeline only in.

        C, bearing pool: General for the reinforced concrete structure, principle and operation of tank pressure, because of its large volume, has a good effect on the peak of municipal water supply, applicable to all parts of the country's municipal water status. When the municipal water supply pipe network for water supply by the time pressure tank water supply must constantly, suitable for customers requiring high reliable water supply.

        D, water pump: selection of the company with non Overload Characteristics of the pump, its operating characteristics can be used in large scale municipal water pressure change, not overload representation.

        E, pressure tank: the effect and the 2 pressurized water supply equipment in the pressure tank, the gap micro pressure tank specification product design, using the primary pressure function, intelligent equipment for active energy saving control.

        F, frequency conversion control cabinet: selection of full frequency skills program that all pumps are used for variable frequency drive, also can choose the local variable skills program (as long as a pump for a variable speed drive).

        G, a bypass pipeline: if the municipal water vapor pressure usually satisfied need, only in the water at the top of the lack, can load the bypass pipe, the municipal water supply and direct pressurized water supply automatic switching operation.

        Antifreezing strategies

        Severe winter, local water supply prompted extensive users, timely prepare, prevent the sudden drop in temperature of outdoor water pipes, water is frozen, affect the normal water. Pipeline installation in the north, the user should pay attention to the wind. In addition, a galvanized iron pipe hot melt pipe more easily frozen, to be fully wrapped insulation.

        A towerless water supply device is installed in the outdoor water meter, can choose a thick towel or cloth bag will be water, also can open the home faucet, the water outflow into line, make water in the water, water table, water can be frozen. If the water is frozen early, with a hot towel in water, with warm water (not over 60 degrees Celsius) watering until frozen tube ablation, water flowing smoothly, do not pour boiling water, and baking, to prevent damage to the plastic parts in the water meter.

        The pressure tank exposed to water pipes and water pipes can be used indoor and outdoor thermal insulation materials (such as old clothes, cotton, sponge) bundles, wrapped in a layer of waterproof material and insulation material (plastic cloth) from the cold. If the faucet and pipe was frozen, can use the blow drying hair dryer, or with a towel wrapped with warm water after slowly pour together, hard hitting quietly desirable water until frozen tube ablation, tap water flowing smoothly.

        FoldOperation management

        The pipeline pressure tank operation management to ensure the quality of service and prolong the network lifetime, reduce operating costs, reduce Water Leakage etc. has important practical significance.

        Network management is the main content of:

        (1) the pressure tank pipe network information management.

        (2) the pipeline pressure tank operation state monitoring and Simulation of lan.

        (3) scheduling optimization of pressure tank pipe.

        (4) the pressure tank leak detection and repair of brown.

        (5) corrosion and descaling pipeline pressure tank.

        FoldUse and maintenance

        1, the installation should choose good ventilation, less dust, wet ground, environmental humidity is -10 -40 DEG C. Outdoors should be rain, lightning and other facilities.

        2, for the convenience of installation and maintenance, the equipment should be left around 70cm space, one hole should be reserved for the 1.5m space, the ground should be around the drainage ditch.

        3, the selected site, to deal with the foundation, or pouring concrete with brick masonry bearing tank. (refer to the equipment foundation map) to the base after initial setting, in lifting the tank and put stability, then connect the power supply installation accessories.

        4, in the test before, should first turn off the water valve, check the sealing valve, leakage phenomenon, are not allowed to drive after the pump should pay attention to. When the pressure gauge pointer to the upper limit, automatic stop pump. Open the water supply valve to normal water supply, for regular water supply, the selection switch to manual position.

        5, the pump should always check the equipment, regular maintenance and lubricating oil. Centrifugal pump and check valve such as the discovery of Water Leakage phenomenon, should be timely fastening flange screws or replacement of asbestos, check the pump foot bolt can not loose, to prevent damage to the machine.

        6 automatic control system, electrical, waterproof and dustproof, should always check the line insulation, the connecting bolts are loose and fuse intact etc.. The external pressure gauge is best to use transparent material package to prevent damage.

        7, such as the discovery of pressure tank paint falls off, painting should be timely maintenance, to extend the service life.

        Pressure tank Zero point five ton 3mm
        Zero point five ton 4mm
        One ton 3mm
        One ton 4mm
        One ton 5mm
        One ton 6mm
        One point five ton 4mm
        One point five ton 5mm
        One point five ton 6mm
        Two ton 4mm
        Two ton 5mm
        Two ton 6mm
        Three ton 5mm
        Three ton 6mm
        Four ton 5mm
        Four ton 6mm
        Five ton 5mm
        Five ton 6mm
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