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        Underground nozzle telescopic ray nozzle

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        Main application
        Used for the formation of complex small lawn, garden, shrubs and other irrigation. Increasing the spill over function (SAM) can be applied to slopes and plots with low elevations and lawns and beds
        ? material for engineering plastics and stainless steel, corrosion resistant.
        ? with equal jet strength nozzle, achieve better uniformity.
        ? there are 5 lifting heights suitable for plants of different heights.
        ? unique pressure activated multi-function sealing ring, integral die casting, high strength, strong sealing.
        High strength stainless steel spring.
        ? wide range of nozzle selection (spray shape, jet elevation angle, range, etc.).
        ? mouth strainer (packing with nozzles) to better prevent nozzle clogging.
        ? 1/2 "inner screw inlet (type 1806 and 1812) reduces excavation earthwork and facilitates installation.
        ? equipped with 1800-Pop-Top flush plug at the factory, to prevent the installation of debris.
        ? the entire nozzle core can be screwed out from the top and easy to clean and maintain.
        ? unique lifting column self-cleaning function, to ensure that any soil conditions, lifting column freely lifting.
        Four models
        ? basic type: used under ordinary irrigation conditions.
        ? 1800-SAM series: this type of nozzle in addition to the basic features, the built-in check valve (SAM), the spill height of up to 2.4m.
        ? 1800-PRS series: this type of nozzle in addition to the basic features, equipped with pressure regulator (PRS), when the pressure is high, adjust the nozzle to the best working pressure 2.1bar.
        ? 1800-SAM-PRS series: this type of nozzle is equipped with stop valve and pressure regulating valve, so it has these three characteristics.
        Operating range
        ? work stress: 1.0-4.8 bar
        ? range: 0.9-7.3m, flow, see various nozzle performance parameter list
        ? interface: 1/2 "internal thread"
        structure size
        ? top exposed diameter: 57mm
        Overall height:
        Eject height:
        Note: the range of less than 5.5 meters, rainbird (MPR, VAN) scattering nozzle, a range of over 5.5 meters, rainbird rotating nozzle.
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